Building Design Drawings to Council Approval

Analysis Package

A & H Building Designers Pty Ltd can find out necessary information that you will require to know when thinking of buying, renovating and or leasing a new commercial space. By liaising with your local council and other relevant authorities, we will provide you with a written and graphical illustrative document – Analysis Package, so that you can get to your next goal, fast!

Having the peace of mind of being well informed about your site/property prior to buying that property or prior to signing that commercial lease can save you thousands!

Imagine not needing to have to go through those phone calls and or chasing up emails from authorities for that vital information relating to your site/property. Let us help you today!

We will Assist You To:

  1. Obtain informative documents from your local council relating to your site / property
  2. Obtain detailed information relating to all underground pipework on your property
  3. investigate any authority requirements/constraints relating to your site / property
  4. Prepare a graphical illustration of ‘what you can do on your property’ report based on your requirement all within 5-7 working days!

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Council & other Government regulations tend to change. This affects all land owners and or commercial space owners wanting to develop.


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