Building Design Drawings to Council Approval


New Hand Car Wash Service – Riverwood

The existing occupant of the mechanical repairs workshop wanted to add a hand carwashing service to his mechanic workshop. Our office worked closely with both our external team of consultants as well as ith Canterbury City Council’s planners in order to obtain the necessary approvals.

Oregano Leaf Bakery – Campbelltown

Having been a fashion shop, the clients wished to run this commercial space as a pizza bakery. This shop is highly visible along Queen Street and serves great pizzas…just ask the local council staff!

Cheerfully Touch Thai Massage – Bexley North

Our client’s brief helped us to understand the strict standards within a Thai massage environment. Although the interior environment looks relaxing and indulging, great care was taken towards creating a Thai experience within every space.

Five Star Titanic Restaurant – Casula Mall

After having liaised with the client and Liverpool Plaza management office, we designed and prepared the necessary documentation for this new hair salon within the Liverpool Plaza through the complying development process.

TSG Tobacco Station – Westfield Hornsby

This project required additional hydraulic engineering attention as the existing site was within a flood zone. We liaised closely with Fairfield City Council’s engineering and planning officers in order to design a building that was both in compliance with the client’s requests and with the local council’s guidelines.

New Residential Two Storey Home Designs – NSW

The client wished to upgrade the existing single storey weatherboard home into a more fresh and modern look. After the initial design consultation we were able to blend in the clients requirements as well as provide a face-lift to the existing residence

New Residential Alterations & Additions – NSW

The client wished to upgrade the existing site and maximise the total allowable building area on the site. Through the complying development process we were able to prepare all the necessary documentation for a first floor addition and rear extension with a timber deck to the existing single storey weatherboard residence. We were also able to design a covered outdoor BBQ area and a 60sqm granny flat (secondary dwelling) with an adjacent workshop. The proposal was provided with final consent received within approximately 10 working days once all necessary documents were submitted to the certifier.

New Residential Alterations & Additions – Seaforth

After the initial design consultation at our office in Crows Nest, our client was provided with two (2) conceptual designs in order to choose from. Once the the conceptual design was finalised we commenced with preparing all the final building design drawings and other relevant documents necessary for consent. This project was completed under the complying development process and as such once all the necessary documents were submitted to the certifier, the client enjoyed receiving the final approval within approximately 10 working days.


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